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CIG Capital Investment Group, LLC


CIG-Capital Investment Group, LLC was set-up in the beginning of 2002 by a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals, having worked for several years with the most reputed Commercial Banks and Financial Institutions, Investment Banking companies, Petroleum trading Industries, Real Estates, Imports/Exports and also various large manufacturing and service trade based organizations.

They got together and pooled their rich experience and professional contacts throughout the world in their respective fields to form CIG-Capital Investment Group, LLC to capitalize on the ever- growing opportunities in the Financial Sector and Capital Market on account of sustained economic freedom. The cumulative volume of deals executed in the past few years amounts to over $100.000.000 USD.

Mr. Saintfard Charles Saint-Vil, Founder/President/Chief Executive Officer and Dr. Eddy Delaleu, Executive Vice-President, recipients of honors in academics as well as in practice in Canada and in the United States, are the founders of the Company and spearhead the Senior Management and with the leadership of Mr. Patrick Arcelin, Vice-President/International Relations, Dr. Lesly Archer, Vice-President/Medical Programs and Evins Joseph, Technical Engineer Advisor; the Company under the able command of these five gentlemen, has grown exponentially in revenues, profits, activities, services, geographical reach, client base and customer satisfaction.

Today, CIG-Capital Investment Group, LLC is represented by a team of 20 professionals men and women, (most of them MBAs, CAs, CFAs, Ex-Bankers, Cost Accountants, Engineers, Architects, Medical Doctors, Businessmen) having among them over 200 years of rich experience and knowledge of the entire global spectrum of financial products and services, and about all industries, both in the manufacturing, community services and other service sectors. They are also very well connected with people at all senior management levels in most of the Banks, Financial Institutions and Corporate Houses.

CIG-Capital Investment Group, LLC is an organization that sets itself the highest standards of professional integrity and is firmly rooted in the core values that have enabled it to thrive and grow. At every phase of the corporate growth, the firm has also been keenly aware that real progress begins with the first spirited move to overcome difficulties in one’s immediate environment. Such attitude is possible only when it springs off from strong core values of building long lasting customer and interpersonal relationships through speed of execution and customer service.

A dependable approach and authenticity of purpose in the Social and Economic Development of our realm have been steadily evident in our interaction with our governments, clients and in general with our own people.

CIG Capital Investment Group, LLC

CIG-Capital I Group, Inc.

CIG (Haiti)


M. Saintfard Charles Saint-Vil


Dr. Eddy Delaleu

Executive Vice-President

M. Patrick Arcelin

Vice-President/CFO International Relations

Dr. Lesly Archer

Vice-President/Medical Programs